Antiques at Distillery Commons is conveniently located in what was originally called Irish Hill in the 19th century, (Originally known colloquially as Billy Goat Hill after Whaley’s goat farm) Irish Hill was named for 19th-century Irish-Catholic immigrants — although a large number of Germans also settled there — and for its high ground above the Ohio River, which later provided a refuge and dry evacuation route for many West End Louisvillians fleeing the 1937 flood.

The tiny neighborhood boasts several other landmarks, including Cave Hill Cemetery, the old Beargrass Pork House slaughterhouse building, and the Kentucky Distillery and Warehouse, now named Distillery Commons.

In the early 1900s, Kentucky Distillery was the largest whiskey warehouse in the world. Today, the preserved building houses several businesses and the major show rooms of Antiques at Distillery Commons including treasures of 35 of the area’s finest antique dealers.