antique-market-frontAt Antiques at Distillery Commons, over 30 independent merchants offer a wide range of carefully-selected and beautifully-restored antiques to the design trade and the general public.  The eclectic mix of vendors includes antiquarians, designers, collectors and art merchants who have come together in  12,000 square feet of open, bright and inviting display space.

Our showroom is located at the intersection of Payne Street and Lexington Road in Distillery Commons, the 19th century home of National Distillers that has been re-purposed as a mixed-use development.  The faithfully-restored complex houses several businesses that will soon be joined by more than 70 loft apartments.

The owner and operator of Antiques at Distillery Commons is Alan Thompson, who also owns A. P. Thompson Antiques and Restoration, another business in the Distillery Commons complex.  Alan has over 35 years of experience in antique sales and restoration.   The restoration of the Distillery Commons showroom has been a personal project for Alan, who has enjoyed renovating the showroom and collaborating with some of the finest dealers in the region.  Their combined efforts have resulted in a marketplace that rivals any in the region for quality and selection.

Alan Thompson’s personal philosophy on collecting antiques: “If a young person is interested in antiques, invest in a single quality piece per year instead of several mediocre pieces just to fill a space.”

Please visit or contact us for those hard to find, unique one-of-a-kind items.

Alan Thompson


Thank you.
Alan Thompson,